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Abad Tedbir Development Company was founded in 2006 with the management of Mehdi Salimzadeh. The purpose of the activity is to develop, build and improve the country’s infrastructure, emphasizing on knowledge-based approaches and the use of standardized methods. The company is based on the criterion “Vice President of Strategic Planning and Supervision” In the fields of buildings, mechanical and electrical installations, roads and transportation It is rated at 4,3 and 5 respectively.

  • With a sense of commitment to the engineering profession and Compliance with Executive Criteria , High quality finished.

    Mohamad QomiHead of Islamic Azad University, Parand Branch
  • According to technical experts in the field of monitoring university development plans
    Significant upgrades have been made to the project's build quality.

    Dr. Mahmoud Ali JavaheriHospital Supervisor


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